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Phillips Hardwood of Boise, Idaho, has been installing and refinishing custom hardwood flooring for families living in the Treasure Valley for over 10 years. Dan and his skilled crew take pride in ensuring that you are fully satisfied with your new or refinished floor. Hardwood adds beauty and value to any home. Call for a Free Estimate at 208-608-1228 and get the kind of quality craftsmanship your home deserves.
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Itís durable and will last multiple lifetimes. The color and texture of hardwood is timeless and never goes out of style. How often have you walked into a home and find that itís outdated? Chances are itís because of the flooring style and color.
There is a wonderful variety of hardwood colors, textures, and board width to choose from to suit your taste and the style of your home.
Hardwood is natural and hypo-allergenic opposed to petroleum based flooring or carpeting.
Hardwood is eco-friendly and does not contain man-made chemicals in the wood itself. Hardwood is easy to repair.
We live in a 100 year old house and have had to replace a few boards due to water damage. Thereís no difference between an oak tree today and one that is hundreds of years old. By divine design, itís a perfect, timeless match!
Hardwood is easy to maintain and refinish. A quick swipe with a damp mop or a vacuum and youíre ready to go. After a few years a quick refinish is an affordable way to have the look of a brand new floor! Remember, you canít sand down any scratches out of an artificial wood floor.
A beautiful hardwood floor will add quality and value to any home - an affordable investment.
Why Hardwood?
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